Thursday, May 17, 2012

RESPONSE Astute Graphics - DrawScribe

Just heard back from Astute Graphics. They were quick to respond to my feedback and are considering implementing solutions to the issues described in my previous post. Rock on!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Astute Graphics - DrawScribe

Dear ladies and gentlemen of Astute Graphics. Thank you for DrawScribe. I love it. It has immediately become my favorite plugin. Drawing is so much quicker and more fun now. I especially like:

  • Pressure sensitive path strokes (been wanting this feature forever - the calligraphic brush just doesn't do the job)
  • The ability to draw the same path over and over and having the computer calculate the average (pure genius)
  • Easy deletion of paths at intersections (such a time saver)
  • Having paths connect after deleting the parts where they intersect and adjusting the stroke width correctly (sweeet)
  • The possibility to delete anchor points without the path changing as little as necessary (heaven sent)

That being said, there are still a few issues I have, correcting which would make this DrawScribe the perfect drawing tool for me.

1) Please make path deletion possible with the stylus’ eraser. The squiggle-approach is fine for deleting paths every now and then, but I prefer to draw all my lines and then clean them up all at once. Also: It happens quite often that my squiggle isn’t recognized as a deletion attempt, especially with shorter lines.

2) Please add the option that only the selected paths and their intersections with each other are considered for deletion. Otherwise I need to group them and enter isolation mode (or manually delete the remaining bits), and that adds  a lot of time. 

3) Please include a path cutting tool that respects the path’s dynamic stroke width. Illustrator’s native tool applies the complete stroke width data of the original path to both resulting paths. We need a tool that cuts the stroke width as well.

4) Please include a tool to reduce the number of path width markers. After drawing a path with DrawScribe I sometimes want to tweak its width. This can be tedious, since DrawScribe usually places quite a few width markers. A way to smoothen out the width by removing superfluous and quasi-superfluous markers would be greatly appreciated.

I hope this feedback is helpful. Please keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to more excellent plugins of your company.